Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sometime last January of this year Mike Enriquez and his bunch of reporters featured the Transportation condition here in our country particularly both land and marine transportation.. In fact our one and only AVE MARIA was featured because the accident that it went through was timely with the kind of story that IMBESTIGADOR was doing. One thing that will immediately caught your attention with their report was the title of the story which was transPOORtasyon... while this reporters really depict the kind of cheap transportation that majority of our people is getting in the country.. i just hate it when they emphasized the word POOR because i somehow think it will indirectly reflect on the passengers rather than on the transportation itself...

Everyday I see people from different walks of life and I can definitely see the difference if ONE can afford or NOT.. and one difference of course is on the way people travel from one place to another.. while the POOR people try to fit in a heavy LOADED jeepney going to mountainous parts of the barrio carrying loads of unsold vegetables, the rich people can always enjoy the luxury of sleeping warmly and comfortably in their very expensive cars on their way home.. This is not a blog wherein I am upholding the POOR by trying to create a HATE message to the rich, instead this is something that will somehow give CREDIT to those who are also trying to build and make the daily operations of living to those who are below from what is considered RICH.
All of these cheap types of transportation should somehow take pride-For making it possible to transport GOODS that can hopefully be sold in nearby towns or neighboring islands, For making it possible for people to go on with their work and business endeavors regardless of how uncomfortable it is to travel, For making it possible to create a bussiness flow even in the cheapest way, For somehow providing means of rescuing those who badly needed help in times of emergency especially in remote areas, For somehow promoting travel and allowing undiscovered gems to take the hotseat and be allowed to show its wonders.

While a more INFLUENTIAL media can always mock what's real and somehow rake ratings by trying to focus on what's negative, I am using MY OWN MEDIA to somehow spread the good news and give justice and credit to the people whose HANDS ARE SLOWLY REBUILDING the PHILIPPINES at the same time getting all the setbacks this country offer!