Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CEBU’s history repeats itself

(Photo from:  www.thegrandeurtraveler.com)

On Wednesday; October 13, 2010, history will almost repeat itself as a replica of a Spanish Galleon will come and visit the shores of Cebu.  The galleon Andalucia will highlight the activities in store for the Dia del Galleon (day of the galleon) festival. The Dia del Galleon aims to celebrate and remember the importance and contributions of the galleon to the world’s history.  This is the 1st celebration of the Dia del Galleon and is organized by the Baler 400 Steering Committee and the National Commission for Culture and the arts.

As cited by the National Commissioner, it is important to let the people know their history since it is through them that they learn. The Galleon will be staying in Cebu for four days.  For more information about the Dia del Galleon festival please see community billboards in local newspapers.

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