Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cebu Gulps

After hours of work, some of us here in Cebu would like to just unwind and chill out and enjoy some refreshments and relax the night away in any of our favorite pubs, lounges, cafes and even local convenience stars. From coffee to cocktails, there are a lot of choices the Cebu City can offer. I think in the Island province alone there are around more the 6 companies of coffee shops both international and local. There are also a number of lounges that people can choose from. 

One favorite of mine is Formo. It is located at Banilad Town Centre which is open daily 6PM onwards. The place offers a variety of cocktails and their menu is a must try! This month in honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness together with the Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center, Formo is bringing PINK FOR A DRINK: cocktails for a cure. Apart from their regular menu of cocktails, they are adding 4 drinks in pink. These drinks are The Pink Soda, Pink Martini, Raspberry Mojito and the non-alcoholic Shirley Temple. 

Isn't it nice to enjoy your cocktail while helping those who are in need?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cebu Runs for Plastic

On November 14, 2010 at the Ayala Terraces in Cebu City, another marathon that is dub as Eco Dash: The Bottle School Run  will take place. The event is another proof that Running took not just Cebu City by storm but the whole country as well.

The event is organized to build a school made from plastic bottles in Sta. Fe, Bantayan in the early part of next year 2011. The whole Bottle Project is headed by Illac Diaz. Runners and enthusiast are required to donate two 1.5 bottles or 2-liter plastic bottles plus a joininh fee to participate in the marathon.

This truly presents another way of saving the environment and some support is really needed! Its nice to know there are activities and some private groups  that are willing to take part and change the way we trea our environment!!!

More than anything else I think our blogs will be all the more become interesting if we bring in more comments from other bloggers and fortunately I have learned about bloogoola its worth the visit!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cebu goes Green

Former San Francisco Mayor and current Vice-Mayor Alfredo Arquillano Jr.launched its 'Two Million Trees in Five Years' in support with the observance of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. The program is an outcome of the Southeast Asia Regional Consultation Workshop on Strengthening Climate Resilience which he participated in Bankok Thailand.

This is a very interesting project because for me taking care of the environment should now be a top priority to every people. Projects like this can be implemented well with the support of both Local and National leaders. As a Cebuano and as someone who hails from the island of Camotes, I think this is adds pride to the rest of us and more than anything else I think this requires our support. 

(Photo from:

Speaking of becoming environmental, I will now become an advocate of refraining from the use of Plastic Bags and encourage the use of Environmental Friendly Bags or also known as Green Bags. In our own little way we can surely make not just our own home city a better place but the entire world as well!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cebu Celebrates with St. Paul's College

(From Left: Ms. Patsy Cañete, Dr. Randolph Libres, Dr. Jean Jueco and Ms. Khrissy Davis)

Last Monday, October 18, 2010; we joined SPCFI ( St. Paul's College Foundation Inc.) as they installed their third president; Dr. Randolph Libres. The event was attended by the different regional heads from Dep-Ed(CHED), faculty members, family and close friends. It was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Hotel. It started with a Mass Celebration officiated by Msgr. Binghay and ended with a sumptuous feast!

(From left Dr. Randolph Libres, Ian Kintanar, Anton Melendres, Cliff Borlasa, Jaime Chua, Maricar Durano, Patsy Cañete, Khristianne Davis and Dr. Benedict Go; Seated: Dr. Jean Jueco)

One highlight of the event was the inaugural  speech of the newly installed president.Truly he was not only destined for greatness but he lives for greatness.In our own way, as his friends we are truly proud of his achievements and as the captain of the ship, we know he can take SPCFI to greater heights. The president is a man of passion and he does things with a thirst to do everything right. One admirable character is his never ending desire to learn which I have acquired and slowly adopted. 

To Dr. Randy, in behalf of his closest friends, we know you will do a great job!!! Good Luck and God Bless!!! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


From an old French term Cul-de-sac, means  a dead-end street. True enough, The Old Cul-de-Sac is located at the dead-end in one of the streets in Sto. Niño Village, Cebu City. The place is cozy and there is this true homey feeling while you enjoy their sumptuous offerings that are truly worth to be discovered.


They serve a variety of pasta, filipino dishes and a lot more. I am yet to try their coffee and desserts but from what I've heard its worth the try. The place can also hold private functions and intimate parties.

I'll be posting more information about the place in the days to come! But you can discover the place on your own, and just appreciate GOOD food in the most unexpected places in Cebu!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CEBU tweetz

Some of the biggest tweeterz/fashionistas are invading the Queen City of the South for the 15th Preview Magazine Anniversary Ball!

Here are some of their twitz! Friend's if you wanna smell cele-gossips its either you stroll tonight or crash a party! Just Saying.. :-)


(Photo from: miko flores)

It's hard to be aging. Hopefully I am aging really gracefully. There are times that you just want to stop pushing yourself and you just want to shut off every thing that pressures you and just escape for a little while. Good thing such escape can be easily done in the Island that I came from- CEBU!

In Cebu friends are just one text away, we can either drive off to the nearest resort or go drinking in the nearest night hubs and pubs! Friends can just call you and treat you for some night of heavy eating and yeah of course drinking!

Thanks to the generous heart of one of my closest MBA buddy, he treated me and some classmates to one of our City's favorite- SPICE FUSION! You don't need to ask why its a favorite place to dine out, from the word itself SPICE, you pretty much get the picture as to why I love this place. 

Right after the sinful dinner, we went straight to FORMO for some mojitos and heavy drinking. Now, that will be in another article!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creative Cebu Council

(Photo from:

The Department of Trade and Industry together with Cebuano Artists will work together and launch the the Creative Council of Cebu.  It was formed to further explore the creative industries of Cebu after it was recognized by the British Council Philippines as a Creative City.

The council will be a non-profit organization and will be composed of artists and entrepreneurs in the creative field. The council will work closely together and help promote the promising creative industry in Cebu.  The council will be represented from the areas of Photography, Film, Literature, Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, Fashion Design, Architecture, Advertising and Design, and Multimedia.

I personally think this gives many talented Cebuano individuals to be able to seek for opportunities that can help them hone their talent. I am a patriot of Cebuano talent! Some direction and guidance about the industry is much needed and hopefully they can create avenues for training and development! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Let's take a break from POLITICS and just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our HONORABLE GOVERNOR, Gov. Gwen Garcia!!!

With Power comes great Responsibility! Let that quote from Spidey remind you always, Ma'am!!!!

Happy Birthday!!

CEBU’s history repeats itself

(Photo from:

On Wednesday; October 13, 2010, history will almost repeat itself as a replica of a Spanish Galleon will come and visit the shores of Cebu.  The galleon Andalucia will highlight the activities in store for the Dia del Galleon (day of the galleon) festival. The Dia del Galleon aims to celebrate and remember the importance and contributions of the galleon to the world’s history.  This is the 1st celebration of the Dia del Galleon and is organized by the Baler 400 Steering Committee and the National Commission for Culture and the arts.

As cited by the National Commissioner, it is important to let the people know their history since it is through them that they learn. The Galleon will be staying in Cebu for four days.  For more information about the Dia del Galleon festival please see community billboards in local newspapers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cebu is Thirsty?

Cebu is also known to be the cradle of many success stories in the field of business. Through the years it has seen young millionaires rose from local business to national if not global business. One example of a truly Cebuano success story is Thirsty Fruit Juices and Shakes. 

Like most Cebuano enterprise, it is a family owned business. They are currently the leader in this business segment in Cebu. They have around 95 outlets all over the country. The company is looking forward to expand some more through franchising their business. Their approach, is more on stressing out on their quality and of course they offer a variety of choices to Thirsty loyalistas. 

There is no stopping to Thirsty's Success. In fact, every time Cebu's heat will warm you up, you can't help but grab its fresh juices and shakes and probably ask your peers, Thirsty?


Cebu's Pride: Titay's!!!

Yesterday, I was excited because I thought my friends and I are going to Danao City, but I was disappointed because there was some miscommunication and I was already planning to ask them to drop by in Liloan particularly in Titay's. For Cebuanos, the best Cebuano pastries can be found here!

Started by Na Titay and her heirs Corazon "Na Azon" B. Frasco with her two sons - Panphil and Gerardo Jr, Titay's have been serving more than a Century their delicious and unique recipe of most loved local treats. From their popular Rosquillos, Otap, Caycay, Galletas, Galletas del Carmen, Benangkal, Galletas de Bato, Polvoron, Bread Buns, Sinudlan, Penato, Hojaldres, and many others. I can personally recommend their sumptuous Meatroll!!!!

Located in Liloan, Cebu, Titay's is another good reason to hop in and enjoy Cebu!!!! 


Cebu City is not just a center of many things wonderful. It also has its downside. As it further developed into one of the most promising metropolis not just in the Philippines but in Asia, a few growing concerns like proper garbage disposal problems also came in to the Picture. But gladly, thanks to the efforts of the Cebu City Government 12 Barangays can now implement their own Solid Waste Programs.

The City Council headed  approved the resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement to the following barangays; Apas, Binaliw, Luz, Carreta, Hipodromo, Lorega, San Roque, T. Padilla, Tejero, Mambaling, Sawang Calero and Suba. Each barangay will receive Php. 20,000 assistance from the City Government.

Go Cebu! :-)

CEBU CITY: No Place for Future Venus Rajs?

Aside from being a world-class island flocked by diverse people and a rich culture that is truly Filipino but with a distinct Cebuano flavor, the CEBU province is probably one of the few remaining places in the world to have beauty pageants that doesn’t have a swimsuit round. As a beauty pageant enthusiast and as a citizen of a country who loves beauty pageant next to a Kris Aquino Controversy, this is definitely sad and disappointing. Although the aim of the Cebu Provincial Government is noble for women, somehow the move can also sacrifice a few artistic, and self-expression moves.

Ever since Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran and among many other women who bagged international titles in honor of our country, beauty pageants have become one of our past times and entertainment. These women became respected in their chosen fields. Although I admit, that some local pageants can be a good outlet for people’s mockery and would probably promote women as sex objects, banning pageants from having the swimsuit round might not really be the best solution. Instead I think they should assign a governing body to events like this and before the actual date of these events some specifications should be implemented.

Such talk about swimsuits in beauty pageants came once again as a hot topic because PB Member Arleigh Sitoy wanted to amend the Provincial Code to allow candidates to wear swimsuits. However, PB Member Agnes Magpale cleared out the issue and said there’s no need to amend the code because such only prohibits those skimpy bikinis that tend to project women as sex objects. The swimsuit category can still be a part of any pageant given that it’s based on internationally-accepted standards on female beauty pageants.

Well I guess that’s actually good news. After all people do have all the right to whatever choice of clothing they want to wear, on the other hand it also requires responsibility and some moral approach. Lewdness and misconducts are still unacceptable. I think as a country that takes its beauty pageants seriously, I think the people can be good judges as to when women are projected as mere objects or when they are treated as MAJOR, MAJOR role models. So I guess, we’ll be seeing more of Venus Rajs in the near future then?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cebuanos Fabulousity

In my 28 years of existence around CEBU, I have met the best bunch of people. Cebuanos are diverse people, they love to share a good laugh and they are are very much enthusiastic about life which evolves around work, arts, friends, food, fun, music and just about anything. I have compiled my old blogs and would love to concentrate on one single blog that's gonna talk about Cebu and the life that evolves around it.. here are a few of the most fabulous people I have met through the years:

This picture was takenduring Audi and Farrah's Brazil Trip thank you party sponsored by Havaianas!!!! The venue was HANDURAW, our fave UPian hang-0ut.

I was hesitant to join my friend’s brother’s wedding because I was in my usual ‘UP outfit’, but my friends convinced me to join them since the party was about to end and nobody would really care if you’re in your short shorts. I thought, It would be similar to most parties about to end wherein there’s still a lot of food and nobody is there anymore, and I was invited anyway.. so I did.
But this pic was taken @treff bar in waterfront.. Its my second time though. The first was with single girls on a valentines night. This time it has become extra interesting because the night almost became a 1 on 1 interview with Waterfront’s GM.. and my listening skills was put to use.. :-)

As you will discover Cebu, and tour about its rich and interesting island, you will discover not only fabulous places but fabulous people as well! You will not only look forward discovering about the place, but the CEBUANOS who make cebu all the more worth discovering!!!

Cebu's Food Trip List

I've gathered the best REASONS why you can say that Cebu can be the ideal place for Food Enthusiasts:


Sometimes taking 'the road less travelled' will prove to be all worthwhile. Although I was a little disappointed that the CYMA thing with the rest of the gym people did not push through, I was happy to have finally be able to eat at LEMON GRASS. Yeah right shame on me. Hehehe. The food was great, and i enjoyed every bit of it. I also love their cirtus drink something. It was a very interesting 'gig' with Khrissy and Ricky. If I were to create a list of my
top 5 restos, probably Lemon Grass will be on the list.


I can't get enought of this. Red Kimono's description of their WASABI OYSTER TEMPURA is so true. It is definitely mouth watering. A must try for only Php 225. I am craving for more! LOL


i am just gonna make a review on their burgers since most of the food on their menu are quiet the usual.. ranging from onion rings to calamares.. sisig to pizza.. and i found the place too small yet homey.. but i was really amazed with their BURGER.. i ordered bacon and cheese burger, it was great! and i find it satisfying @ Php119. the thickest patty so far!!!! yum!!!! not bad for 'every once in a while' reward.. :)


YEAH! i'm giving it back to SIOMAI SA TISA!!! all the depressed nights and the suffering i experienced by trying not to get any alcohol right into my belly.. siomai sa tisa saved me! for those people who's addicted to larshans or etc.. siomai sa tisa is another cebuano treat to be addicted about!!! naturally of course food is always addicting...but this siomai is different.. it could be the siomai itself.. or the chili sauce that comes with it.. or its very palengke location in TISA, LABANGON.. hehehhe.. in fact SIOMAI SA TISA is the only siomai that can be found in talamban, mambaling, fuente and banawa.. and i heard there is another one in dumaguete..

I might be running out of my own list.. But no worries because I will always be sharing my foodtrips and explorations! Until then :-)

Cebuano Designer: Cary Santiago's Avian

One of the best things that has flourished in Cebu is its fashion industry. A lot of excellent couturiers have took the world of fashion by storm and one of them is our very own Cary Santiago. And the best thing about Cebu, is that you can actually get to have close encounters with these popular people because as a little island in the heart of the Visayas Region the probability of meeting these people is high!

Just recently METRO MAGAZINE, METRO WEDDINGS together with METRO SOCIETY sponsored the master couturier's AVIAN Collection to celebrate METRO's 10 years of fashion. The collection was inspired by birds and to quote him, "I’ve always had a fascination with winged creatures—especially the Philippine Eagle, and birds of prey. In fact, my winning collection for the Young Designers Competition in 2004 was inspired by the Philippine Eagle. And I presented a bird-inspired collection back when I was in Beirut, but it had a different treatment," says Cary.

Having a chance to actually get a glimpse of how those artistic wonders became into such elegant dresses was more than a privilege. I personally came into close encounters with his creation, and I can say his creations took a life of its own with his own true signature and artistry!

It makes me proud to be a Cebuano!!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010


My BELOVED UP CEBU is now one of the 7 AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITIES in the UP SYSTEM!!!! This gives UP CEBU a rocking good edge like those other campuses. I can say that UP CEBUdeserves this kind of honor. But with this new found freedom, surely comes more and more responsibilities to UP CEBU!!!! I am glad I am a part of UP Cebu as an MBA STUDENT now that it has become autonomous!!! Congrats UP CEBU!!! :-)


I was SOLO chilling in IT park particularly at JP MORGAN building. At first, I stayed in Coffee Cat but then I realized there was so much noise and people are coming in every minute so I decided to look for another place. Gladly, I was rescued by Tita Julie's(Fastfood). Aside from good food at a very reasonable price, I get to enjoy their free Wifi. This will definitely be on top of my list when it comes to Cheap Thrills and Hibernation modes. Hahaha.