Saturday, October 16, 2010


(Photo from: miko flores)

It's hard to be aging. Hopefully I am aging really gracefully. There are times that you just want to stop pushing yourself and you just want to shut off every thing that pressures you and just escape for a little while. Good thing such escape can be easily done in the Island that I came from- CEBU!

In Cebu friends are just one text away, we can either drive off to the nearest resort or go drinking in the nearest night hubs and pubs! Friends can just call you and treat you for some night of heavy eating and yeah of course drinking!

Thanks to the generous heart of one of my closest MBA buddy, he treated me and some classmates to one of our City's favorite- SPICE FUSION! You don't need to ask why its a favorite place to dine out, from the word itself SPICE, you pretty much get the picture as to why I love this place. 

Right after the sinful dinner, we went straight to FORMO for some mojitos and heavy drinking. Now, that will be in another article!!! :-)

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