Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cebuano Designer: Cary Santiago's Avian

One of the best things that has flourished in Cebu is its fashion industry. A lot of excellent couturiers have took the world of fashion by storm and one of them is our very own Cary Santiago. And the best thing about Cebu, is that you can actually get to have close encounters with these popular people because as a little island in the heart of the Visayas Region the probability of meeting these people is high!

Just recently METRO MAGAZINE, METRO WEDDINGS together with METRO SOCIETY sponsored the master couturier's AVIAN Collection to celebrate METRO's 10 years of fashion. The collection was inspired by birds and to quote him, "I’ve always had a fascination with winged creatures—especially the Philippine Eagle, and birds of prey. In fact, my winning collection for the Young Designers Competition in 2004 was inspired by the Philippine Eagle. And I presented a bird-inspired collection back when I was in Beirut, but it had a different treatment," says Cary.

Having a chance to actually get a glimpse of how those artistic wonders became into such elegant dresses was more than a privilege. I personally came into close encounters with his creation, and I can say his creations took a life of its own with his own true signature and artistry!

It makes me proud to be a Cebuano!!!!

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