Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cebu's Food Trip List

I've gathered the best REASONS why you can say that Cebu can be the ideal place for Food Enthusiasts:


Sometimes taking 'the road less travelled' will prove to be all worthwhile. Although I was a little disappointed that the CYMA thing with the rest of the gym people did not push through, I was happy to have finally be able to eat at LEMON GRASS. Yeah right shame on me. Hehehe. The food was great, and i enjoyed every bit of it. I also love their cirtus drink something. It was a very interesting 'gig' with Khrissy and Ricky. If I were to create a list of my
top 5 restos, probably Lemon Grass will be on the list.


I can't get enought of this. Red Kimono's description of their WASABI OYSTER TEMPURA is so true. It is definitely mouth watering. A must try for only Php 225. I am craving for more! LOL


i am just gonna make a review on their burgers since most of the food on their menu are quiet the usual.. ranging from onion rings to calamares.. sisig to pizza.. and i found the place too small yet homey.. but i was really amazed with their BURGER.. i ordered bacon and cheese burger, it was great! and i find it satisfying @ Php119. the thickest patty so far!!!! yum!!!! not bad for 'every once in a while' reward.. :)


YEAH! i'm giving it back to SIOMAI SA TISA!!! all the depressed nights and the suffering i experienced by trying not to get any alcohol right into my belly.. siomai sa tisa saved me! for those people who's addicted to larshans or etc.. siomai sa tisa is another cebuano treat to be addicted about!!! naturally of course food is always addicting...but this siomai is different.. it could be the siomai itself.. or the chili sauce that comes with it.. or its very palengke location in TISA, LABANGON.. hehehhe.. in fact SIOMAI SA TISA is the only siomai that can be found in talamban, mambaling, fuente and banawa.. and i heard there is another one in dumaguete..

I might be running out of my own list.. But no worries because I will always be sharing my foodtrips and explorations! Until then :-)


Jude MD said...

I like your blogs coz they always boost what our own Cebu can offer :)

Keep on blogging!

jan said...

Nice blog cliff. More food reviews... =)