Monday, October 11, 2010

Cebu is Thirsty?

Cebu is also known to be the cradle of many success stories in the field of business. Through the years it has seen young millionaires rose from local business to national if not global business. One example of a truly Cebuano success story is Thirsty Fruit Juices and Shakes. 

Like most Cebuano enterprise, it is a family owned business. They are currently the leader in this business segment in Cebu. They have around 95 outlets all over the country. The company is looking forward to expand some more through franchising their business. Their approach, is more on stressing out on their quality and of course they offer a variety of choices to Thirsty loyalistas. 

There is no stopping to Thirsty's Success. In fact, every time Cebu's heat will warm you up, you can't help but grab its fresh juices and shakes and probably ask your peers, Thirsty?



jan said...

Never had a mango shake better than Thirsty. =)

Cliff said...

hahaha thank you for ur comment jan!! :-)