Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am so lucky to have been chosen to host the coronation night and the evening of all evenings in our town fiesta.. it would be my second time to host such event.. its a little bit big in our town coz imagine u'll get to be on stage and all eyes are set on you.. its not really big but its usually a start of something bigger.. hehehe.. its a flattering spot to be because like what my friend keith told me.. its usually other people who would suggest for you and not you suggesting for yourself.. and mostly the people who have done the spot and made programs memorable were my idols before (e.g. uncle boboy, tita may and many more) and yes! i am doing it for the second time around! although i am not an adlib person but i should say i am a little more particular on the concept of the whole show.. or i want a little touch of me be put on the main program.. before it used to be a spice girl sequence done by little kids (which was cute by the way) now its more on the interiors and the concept.. i get high when i conceptualized u know..

this year i am so inspired by movies like 300, and christianity stuff that i made THE FRUIT OF EVE as the main theme...and if only i can strut an empire cut dress i'd wear it all the time! hahahahahahah....

here's a little taste of the story that i wrote for the program:

Right after jesus’ death, the roman empire particularly the women grew more and more exposed to the doctrines left by Christian philosophers and writer. While the men busied themselves with waging wars, conquering lands and searching for JESUS’ cup used in the last supper, the women had an increasing interest for the real fruit of eve.
The book of genesis, tells us the story of two creations namely adam and eve who were entrusted by the CREATOR to be the caretaker of the garden of eden. In the garden they were allowed to be free except to go anywhere near the FORBIDDEN tree or far worst eat its FORBIDDEN FRUIT. But eve was lured by a serpent to take a bite of such fruit and took along adam with him util he himself also took a bite of the fruit. From then on, God casted them out of the paradise and punished them. Since then people until the roman times have been intrigued and interested as to what the real fruit of eve was.
One particular empress who supported its search and excavation was empress maleficent of rome. She organized search parties and silent crusades searching for fruits that would come as close as the description of the scriptures but nothing has been found. While wars and conquering lands have become a movement to prove masculinity, the search for eve’s fruit has become a source of feminine power. The empress became desperate and she then promised that the woman who would find the right fruit would take her place as empress. Until five women came to take and claim her place….

dance moves and choreography will be done by glendell elizalde... interiors will be done by the master himself mr. pablo zurita... concept by yours truly...

disclaimder: the story of eve's fruit is partly history and hugely a product of the writer's imagination.. it is not in the intention of the writer to change and contradict history.. it is solely for creative purposes! amen....

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