Friday, March 21, 2008

VISAYAS: summer 2008

Summer is here.. and i bet everyone has their own plans where to go, where to spend their summer with their friends, family and love-ers.. ouch! as for me no more boracay this year.. primarily because of BUDGET CONSTRAINTS.. ouch again.. and anyway there are other cheaper options.. what is paradise anyway if you've got no one to share it with? ehehe.. and the cheaper the better.. luckily cebu is blessed to be located at the center of all summer destinations.. so i listed all the options with pics of the places ive never been:

BANTAYANnever been to the island.. poor me.. i mean rich me for positive vibe and in the name of THE SECRET.. hehehhe.. i will be going there this summer! geoffy and the rest of the geng are already there.. and they left me out! sheeez.... it could have been a nice party with all the hot girls in their bikini.. hahaha.. scary!


hmm mystical..the whole UP LAAGANS will do their usual laag to the island of siquijor... i have no plans of going there anytime soon.. bwahahahha...

haaaaay.. this place is part of my list.. but its too far.. and it reminds me of gelli de belen and jomari yllana.. hahahah...


again all of the people in my family visited here except ME.. they've reached all these places in my list except ME.. because i was BUSY tending the goats and feeding the PIGs.. hehe.. i have heard that the cost of going there will almost be like going to boracay.. hmmm.. mag pambot ra ko doh!


i havent reached the part near EASTERN SAMAR.. but my 'surfer boy' friend told me that LEYTE has surfing spots.. particularly in CALICOAN.. among the spots i have listed.. this is the one most likely to happen.. i have plans with my ally also known as 'the real surfer boy' to pack our things up and just take along with us Php 2000 in each of our pockets.. a tent.. and some extra 'de lata'.. and NO we have no special connection whatsoever.. we just have the same WAVE length.. bwahahahahhahahahahaha...

and of course this is not an OPTION but a MUST... the one place i keep on going back..the one place i HAVE TO be in every vacation because i HAVE TO..


i have been SICK about this place.. i have been PROUD of this place.. its like my love-hate relationship place.. hahahahah... but it definitely saves and stores a lot of wonderful summer memories.. as they would say there is no place like home.. pait... there is nothing beautiful as eating HANY CHOKNUT in the white sands of santiago... i have to kill in order to get every CHOKNUT i have to munch.. 

either way.. these places are mostly reached by boat.. and travelling by boat is really cheap and we have a lot of choices.. now for better planning and for the latest schedules of shipping.. i can always rely on this webpage...

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