Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've been a blogger ever since I have been visited by the spirit of boredom. When I was in my own cubicle in my most boring area of my former office, I blog. When I'm in the jeepney, I blog and think of my next post. But I never thought some career can be built around this thing and some even get superstar status because of it, so I am inspired to revamp my blogging rights and focus on posts that I am truly passionate about. I am passionate about life, I am so in love with the people around me, I love Cebu & as a tribute to everything Cebuano, I am launching my CLIFF LOVES CEBU blog. Bored or not, rest assured my blogs are about Cebu and Life through Cliff's eyes. Like me, I know you love CEBU as well. Its not just a place, It's our LIFE!!!!

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