Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cebuanos Fabulousity

In my 28 years of existence around CEBU, I have met the best bunch of people. Cebuanos are diverse people, they love to share a good laugh and they are are very much enthusiastic about life which evolves around work, arts, friends, food, fun, music and just about anything. I have compiled my old blogs and would love to concentrate on one single blog that's gonna talk about Cebu and the life that evolves around it.. here are a few of the most fabulous people I have met through the years:

This picture was takenduring Audi and Farrah's Brazil Trip thank you party sponsored by Havaianas!!!! The venue was HANDURAW, our fave UPian hang-0ut.

I was hesitant to join my friend’s brother’s wedding because I was in my usual ‘UP outfit’, but my friends convinced me to join them since the party was about to end and nobody would really care if you’re in your short shorts. I thought, It would be similar to most parties about to end wherein there’s still a lot of food and nobody is there anymore, and I was invited anyway.. so I did.
But this pic was taken @treff bar in waterfront.. Its my second time though. The first was with single girls on a valentines night. This time it has become extra interesting because the night almost became a 1 on 1 interview with Waterfront’s GM.. and my listening skills was put to use.. :-)

As you will discover Cebu, and tour about its rich and interesting island, you will discover not only fabulous places but fabulous people as well! You will not only look forward discovering about the place, but the CEBUANOS who make cebu all the more worth discovering!!!

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